Alternative Cancer Therapy


Arthur C. Brown in his ebook "Complete Guide to World of Alternative Cancer Therapy" describes 6 basic natural healing principles for cancer.

It's interesting to find that Ganoderma cancer herbs comply to 4 out of 6 healing principles he specified.


1) Detoxification

Accumulation of toxins in our body over the years causes all sorts of diseases including cancer.

Removal of internal toxins and metabolic waste material is a key concept to restoring health for cancer patient. Detoxification involves the liver, kidneys, lymph and blood.

Ganoderma cancer herbs effectively neutralize and remove toxins in your body especially heavy metals such as mercury and lead. This herb also acts as blood cleanser to filter your blood for unwanted toxins.


2) Strengthening Immune System

One of the many tragic side effects of chemo therapy is a severe weakening of the immune system - the body's primary defense mechanism against cancer.

The author mentioned about safe and highly effective supplements to restore damaged immune system such as Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi) to improve cancer and other diseases.


3) Enzyme Therapy

Enzymes are life. The body uses them in creating energy, fighting disease and accelerating all metabolic processes.

Ganoderma cancer herbs contains many beneficial enzymes such as lysozyme enzyme, protein enzyme and mannon enzyme.


4) Oxygenation Therapy

Many scientists and therapists call oxygen the cancer cell's worst enemy and point to countless published scientific studies demonstrating cancer can't even exist in an oxygen-healthy tissue environment.

Ganoderma cancer herbs improve blood circulation to transport oxygen all over the body. This herb contains high amount of Organic Germanium which increases blood capacity to transport oxygen up to 1.5 times.


5) Diet Therapy

These include reducing food with damaging effect to our body and increase food good for health.


6) Mental and Emotional Aspects

Cancer treatment is incomplete without this important aspect. Good mental and emotional health is a must for effective healing.

The electronic book "Complete Guide to World of Alternative Cancer Therapy" covers more useful information on the proven natural cancer treatment.

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