DXN Ganoderma


DXN Ganoderma has fast become popular for its many health benefits. For many years the Chinese culture has considered Ganoderma mushroom as a high quality herbal medicine. And one of the biggest believers is Dr. Lim Siow Jin.

Dr Lim travelled throughout the world for twenty years researching and collecting scientific proof of Ganoderma health benefits. In 1993, he proudly introduced DXN Ganoderma for the first time, sharing his knowledge and passion with others.

He pursued his passion for this special mushroom over the years as he continued to build on his life's work with awards and PhD's. He has received his PhD in Holistic medicine in 1997, awarded by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine.

In 2002 he was also awarded Doctorate of Science in Alternative Medicine. His other awards include:

  • Certificate of fellowship awarded by World Health Environment Peace Foundation
  • The Albert Achewitzer Award for his commitment and efforts in promoting peace and compassion towards others
  • The Physician of the New Millennium in 2002 by the Alternative Medicine Research Institute of Canada


DXN Ganoderma

DXN has cultivation site in Malaysia, with approximately sixty acres of beautiful farmland. Their markets include America, Asia and Europe. Worldwide, DXN is known as one of the world's leaders in producing and disturbing Ganoderma. It takes pride in the fact they own operations in over twenty five countries.

DXN has two Ganoderma products called Reishi Gano (RG) and Ganocelium (GL). Reishi Gano is produced from the usual vacuum packing cultivated Ganoderma. The mushroom is harvested in 90 days.

Ganocelium is produced from Ganoderma mycelium. The mycelium forms in the early stage of Ganoderma growth as mass branching hyphae. It has not taken any shape of a mushroom. The harvest time is only 18 days. Of course, Ganocelium is less effective compared to Reishi Gano since the harvest period is so short.

DXN company has also gone on to produce a full range of health care products that include this fascinating mushroom such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, personal care and skin care items as well as food and beverages.


Business opportunity

DXN also offers a unique business opportunity through Multilevel Network Marketing. Everyone can become its independent distributor and enjoy making extra income anywhere in the world. Whether they desire full time or part time status, they can share their love for this mushroom while making money at the same time.

With DXN membership program, the opportunity to advance gradually from member all the way to their highest ranking crown distributor is something many enjoy.

As with other merchandise, prices differ with each product and distributor location. Discount pricing can also be found for those who choose to take advantage of their membership program.

As the company becomes better recognized worldwide, this product becomes more widely known each day. Researchers all over the world have begun to find more healthy uses for a once unknown mushroom. DXN Ganoderma is now a part of the lives of so many.

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