Longheh Ganoderma Order - FAQ

When will I receive my Ganoderma product?

After placing your order for Longheh Ganoderma, your shipment will be sent out within 2 business days. And you should receive it within 2 to 7 business days from Fedex Express.

Why do I receive a bill from Fedex for duty and tax?

When your shipment is randomly picked up for custom inspection, you may need to pay additional fee. We do not know when your shipment will be taxed and cannot prevent custom from accessing the shipment. It all depends on custom officer and the changing rules in your country. And this condition applies to all imports of food supplement.

This fee is not included in product price because every country has different regulation. If this extra fee is included in the product price, the final amount will be higher. And it is unfair to client if the custom doesn't charge this fee while they still have to pay this extra fee up front.

However, this may not happen every time. Some client ordered several times without paying any fee. And some countries don't charge duty fee at all.

Which country's custom charges extra fee?

USA, Australia and certain European country are known to charge this extra fee. For USA, this fee is usually less than USD 30. For Australia, the quarantine fee is around AUD 30. Once again, this may not happen all the time and the regulation may change from time to time.

One way to overcome this extra fee is to order in bigger quantity. For example, a 2 boxes order is billed USD 20. So the extra fee is USD 10 per box. But for 6 boxes order, this fee is reduced to USD 3.33 per box. And for 16 boxes order, the fee is further reduced to USD 1.25 per box. This spreads out the duty and make your order more cost-saving in term of cost per box

What is clearance delay?

Sometimes, your shipment may be picked up by your local custom officer for further inspection. This causes custom clearance delay. In this case, please be patient and allow several days for clearance. Most of the time, your shipment will be released within 1 to 5 days. The custom may request additional shipment information from us which we will promptly provide. Clearance process should not take more than 2 weeks.

You can keep track of your shipment status anytime with Fedex online tracking.

What happen if custom refuse to release my shipment?

In the unlikely event that your local custom refuse to release your shipment and return it back to us, your full order amount including shipping will be fully refunded.

What if my shipment is not received or the received item is not as described?

As a Paypal buyer, you will be automatically covered for the risk of "Item Not Received" and "Item Significantly Not As Described" within 45 days of your purchase. Click here for more information on Paypal Buyer Protection.

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