Why I feel worse after taking Ganoderma?

This is the most misunderstood part of Ganoderma herb. You started to take Ganoderma extract hoping to improve your health.

You hoped this herb can help to reduce your body pain, improve your energy or make you feel better.

However after taking it for several days, you realize you get the opposite reaction instead. You get more pain, become more tired or feel more uncomfortable.

Why is it so? Is Ganoderma herb useless?

Well, some people couldn't accept this temporary reaction even though I've told them in advance. In their mind, this herb must improve their condition fast. If their existing health condition gets worse, they will stop taking it.

Therefore, I hope the following short analogies can let you understand why Ganoderma temporary reaction occurs. If you can accept it, you won't get scared when you experience it. Not everyone experience this reaction though.


Cleaning your room

Imagine you have a store room which you haven't clean up for many years. No doubt it is very messy and dusty. You even see spider web all over the room. Finally, you decide to totally clean up this room and throw away unwanted stuffs.

What happens when you start to clean up this room? Can you see the dust flying all over the room? Does the room get more messy? Do you cough and sneeze?

You wanted a cleaner and tidier room. But in the beginning, you get a more messy and dusty room instead. Why? Because this is part of the cleaning process. When the room is finally cleaned up, you have a tidy and clean room again.


Rebuilding trunk road

Imagine having a narrow and curving trunk road connecting two cities. Local town council decides to rebuild the road to make it wider and more straight. An extra road lane will be added too.

Guess what happens when the project starts? Heavy earth mover machines are deployed. Big trucks went in and out the construction site.

The project is intended to ease traffic and shorten travel time. But in the beginning, traffic jam gets worse and travel time becomes longer. Why? Because this is part of the road building process. When the project is completed, you will have a wider and straight road. Traffic is much smoother and travel time becomes shorter.


Exercise for health

Is exercise good for your health? Of course. Let say you haven't really exercise for several years. Now you just started a heavy exercise program. How do you feel the day after your exercise?

Do you feel soreness all over your body? I bet you will. However, this is only your body temporary reaction. By continuing your exercise, you will gradually feel much better with your body getting stronger.


Changes start with pain

As you can see, dramatic changes bring about some painful experience in the beginning. The examples are countless. This is part of our life.

Ganoderma healing process is no different. If you feel worse after taking this herb, that means your body is undergoing some dramatic changes. Your body starts to heal. And that is a good news although you don't like the uncomfortable feeling.

Bear with it for a while. At the end, you will definitely feel much better.


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