Ganoderma cancer experiment


Dr. Lee Yen Ping, founder of the company that manufactures Longheh Lingzhi, did an experiment to study the effect of Ganoderma on cancer.

In this research, Dr. Lee divided some mice into two groups. Then, he implanted all those mice with cancerous cell.

Longheh Ganoderma extract is mixed with water to become liquid form. The first group (reference group) was then fed with Longheh Ganoderma liquid whereas the second group (control group) didn’t receive any additional treatment.

A few days later, the mice in the control group (without treatment) developed large quantity of cancerous cell. You can see a big cancerous lump from the outside and their lives were threatened.

However, we noticed only a small lump on the mice fed with Longheh Ganoderma. These treated mice were able to control the tumor growth and increased their chances of survival significantly.

Dr Lee’s assistant then cut open the mice to remove the cancerous growth. We noticed that Longheh Ganoderma successfully helped to control tumor growth in the reference group.

This result showed that Ganoderma has an obvious effect in enhancing the immune system and controlling tumor growth.


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