Can Ganoderma coffee improve my health too?


You may have heard of Ganoderma coffee which is claimed to have various health benefits of Ganoderma herb. How good is it? Do you really need it?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverage worldwide. Now we have coffee mixed with Ganoderma which is called the 'healthy coffee'. And some people drink it hoping to improve their health.

Actually it is perfectly fine to have a cup or two of Ganoderma coffee during the day.

However, if you hope to really improve your health with Ganoderma herb, this beverage may not be your best choice.


The 3 reasons

First of all, the actual Ganoderma content in the coffee is significantly lower compared to pure Ganoderma extract. Therefore, you get lesser health benefits. And it takes a much longer time for you to feel any difference in your health.

Secondly, coffee itself is not that healthy after all. It contains certain amount of Acrylamide, a well known carcinogen. Coffee roasting process produces Acrylamide when coffee bean is overheated. Therefore, drinking too much coffee is not recommended especially if you have certain health problems.

For the coffee lover, remember to control your consumption within 1 to 2 cups per day.

Thirdly, most health problems such as hypertension and diabetes require higher Ganoderma dosage every day. Drinking many cups of Ganoderma coffee every day seems not practical and quite unhealthy too.

Researches also showed that coffee raises blood pressure and adrenaline hormone level. If you have high blood pressure or diabetes, don't think of using Ganoderma coffee to improve it. You may get unwanted side effects.


The final conclusion

So for the answer to the main question, you can drink Ganoderma coffee every now and then. But if you hope to improve your health problem with Ganoderma, you may be disappointed with Gano coffee effectiveness.

For that, taking pure and concentrated Ganoderma extract gives higher chances of improvement. You can safely increase the dosage as needed and take it as long as you want without any side effects.


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