If I take Ganoderma every day, will I become over dependent on it?


This question applies to other food supplement as well. Some people believe they might get too dependent on dietary supplement such as Ganoderma. And when they stop it, they might feel worse off compared to their original condition. Is this true?

The answer is “Yes” and “No”. It depends on which type of product you are taking.


The stimulating caffeine

Take caffeine for example. This substance is found in coffee, cola drinks and energy drinks. Caffeine stimulates your brain’s activity. This makes you more alert and energetic. Is this good?

Yes of course. People want to be more alert with more energy to do their mentally demanding work such as driving or writing. However, there is something you must know about caffeine.

Researcher compared the brain scan of two persons, one with coffee drink and the other with regular drink. Indeed, the one with coffee drink showed increased brain activity. The other person only showed usual brain activity. This showed the brain is more active after a cup of coffee.

Then, researcher compared a heavy coffee drinker with someone who seldom drinks coffee. After a cup of coffee, the heavy coffee drinker only showed usual brain activity. The other person who seldom drinks coffee also showed similar brain activity.

What’s happening here? No increased brain activity for heavy coffee drinker?


Here’s another funny result

If the heavy coffee drinker did not drink coffee for the whole day, brain scan showed even less activity compared to a non-drinker. In other words, the heavy coffee drinker needs to drink coffee just to maintain the same alertness of a non-drinker. Their body seems to get used to caffeine over some time and had become lazier.

So how do they further increase their alertness and energy? Drink more coffee! They take more cups of coffee per day or choose to have more concentrated coffee. And this destructive cycle continues.

From these experiments, we can see that caffeine has a stimulating effect which causes your brain getting weaker in the long run. Eventually, you will need caffeine just to maintain normal alertness. That is why heavy coffee drinker cannot concentrate properly without having coffee every day. They are sort of addicted to it. And this happens with other caffeine drinks as well.

So if you are referring to caffeine drink, the answer for our main question will be “Yes”. Long term consumption causes your over-dependence on it. And you will actually get weaker if you don’t take it

If you are taking dietary supplements which contain stimulating substances that work like caffeine, you must be careful of its long term effects. Examples are supplements with hormones such as HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and also slimming pill which suppress your appetite.


The nutrient provider

What about foods you eat every day such as bread or rice? If you’ve been eating bread for 10 years and stop eating it suddenly, what will happen?

Well, nothing of course.

You just find other alternative such as noodle for your carbohydrates. Bread and rice only supply nutrients to your body. It won’t directly affect your body functions.

So where does Ganoderma stand between the stimulating effect of caffeine and the nutrient-only bread?


Ganoderma herb stands in the middle

Ganoderma improves your body energy in a non-stimulating way. Long term consumption won’t cause any over-dependence of your body organs on this herb. When you stop taking it suddenly, your body will just slowly restore to its normal functions and energy.

Ganoderma also helps to balance and regulate your body systems. That’s why it is called an ‘adaptogen’.

If I take Ganoderma in the morning, I will feel more energetic throughout the day. And if I take Ganoderma before I sleep, I can still sleep soundly throughout the night. However, coffee gives different effect.

If I drink coffee in the morning, I may feel more energetic. But if I drink coffee at night, I couldn’t sleep well for the whole night!

This is the difference between stimulating substance and regulating substance.  Ganoderma can even improve insomnia and let you sleep better a night. Can coffee improve insomnia? I bet not.

Therefore, if the main question above refers to Ganoderma, the answer is “No”. Ganoderma works in a non-stimulating way. It won’t cause your organs to become lazier or weaker. Instead, this herb helps to enhance body energy and regulate your body systems naturally.


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