What is the best Ganoderma dosage


Imagine fighting 5 terrorists with 1 soldier. Can you win? Most probably not. What if you have 6 soldiers or even 12 soldiers? Your winning chances improve significantly of course.

You may be taking the best Ganoderma extract every day. But if your Ganoderma dosage is not sufficient, you may not feel the improvement. Follow the dosage guide below for maximum effectiveness.


6 instead of 1

Usually we recommend taking 6 capsules of Ganoderma extract per day for those with serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and heart vessel blockage.

But some patients take only 1 capsule per day to lower their spending. At the end, they still don't improve. Instead of saving more, they've wasted more time and money. Worse still, they may lose their confidence to get well again. The solution?


Simply follow the dosage guide

The following Ganoderma dosage guide assumes that each capsule contains 430 mg of 100% pure Ganoderma extract with log wood cultivation, 16 to 1 concentration and cracked spore powder.

If you wonder where you can find such Ganoderma extract, it is the highly recommended Longheh Lingzhi.

Preferably, take this herb with empty stomach, half an hour before meal. This ensures maximum absorption into your body. You can also do some exercise after taking it for better results. What if you forget to take this herb at day time? Just take it at night before you sleep.

When you first start taking Ganoderma, begin your dosage as follows:

Day number Dosage (capsule)
Day 1 to 3 1 (morning)
Day 4 to 6 1 (morning), 1 (evening)
Day 7 to 9 2 (morning), 2 (evening)
Day 10 to 12 2 (morning), 2 (afternoon), 2 (evening)
Day 13 and 15
(for serious disease)
3 (morning), 3 (afternoon), 3 (evening)
Day 16 and above
(for cancer)
4 (morning), 4 (afternoon), 4 (evening)

To improve your health significantly, take 6 to 8 capsules a day. For general healthcare, you need to take only 2 to 4 capsules a day. And for children, reduce dosage to half.


Be patient

Don't jump your dosage to 6 capsules on Day 1 straight away. Doing so may result in strong temporary negative reactions if you have long term health problems.

Those above 60 years old or with severe body pain may want to begin Ganoderma dosage at half a capsule for the first week. This reduces the reaction to a minimum level.

Be prepared for Ganoderma temporary reactions in the first and even second month. If the reaction is unbearable, reduce Ganoderma dosage to half. Increase it back when you feel better. However, not everyone will experience this reaction.

For how long should you take Ganoderma capsule? As a general guide, take 4 to 6 Ganoderma capsules per day continuously for 3 months before deciding whether it works for you. Some feels better after a week while some feels better after a month. It depends on your actual health condition.


"What if I'm on medication?"

Just leave a gap of one hour apart between taking medicines and Ganoderma herb. You usually take medicines after meal and take Ganoderma before meal. If there is one hour apart, it's okay.

Ganoderma won't cause any herb-drug interaction problem. In fact, it helps by:

  • Maximizing medication effectiveness by enhancing blood circulation to all over your body.
  • Reducing medication side effects by neutralizing medicine toxins from your body.

Cancer patient can consume Ganoderma together with chemo therapy or radio therapy. But remember to leave one to two hours between taking Ganoderma and the therapy.


"Can I stop my prescription medicines?"

No, no, no... You must continue your existing medication as prescribed by doctor. Do not discontinue any form of medication without doctor's instruction.

If you can significantly improve your health condition, your doctor may reduce your medication stage by stage. Some medicines like steroid cannot be stopped immediately.


"Can I take it together with other supplements?"

Yes, you can safely take Ganoderma extract together with your other health supplements such as calcium and vitamins. In fact, this herb helps to maximize the effectiveness of other supplements by improving blood circulation and detoxifying your body. This significantly improve your body nutrient absorption.

If in doubt, just leave half an hour to one hour apart between taking your supplements and Ganoderma herb.


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