Can you use Ganoderma for emergency relief?


Most of the time, the answer is a big NO! Ganoderma herb is not drug medicine. Therefore, it can only improve your overall body condition slowly.

However, oral medicine, spray or injection can relieve your symptoms quickly and directly. You must visit your nearest doctor as fast as possible for emergency case such as stroke, acute body pain or asthma attack.

However, I've unexpectedly found Ganoderma effectiveness for allergic reaction relief in certain cases.


My allergic experience

I personally experienced an allergic reaction myself during a breakfast. I was eating some bread with raspberry spread together with a cup of honey. Suddenly, I felt something wrong with my body. I felt uneasy and stopped eating.

5 to 10 minutes later, my breathing sounded like having a lot of phlegm in my lung when I inhaled. The sound was sharp and loud. However, I had no phlegm. When I flipped my shirt, I saw red rashes about 1 to 2 cm in diameter all over my chest. "Is this allergic reaction symptom?", I thought.

So I reached for Longheh Ganoderma, opened up the capsule and swallowed the powder directly for faster absorption. Not sure about Ganoderma effect on allergy at that time, I just took 2 capsules first for testing. To my surprise, the allergic symptom slowly reduced. So, I took another 2 capsules of Ganoderma.

After 30 minutes, the allergic reaction symptom was completely gone. And the red rashes on my chest disappeared. Then I related this story to my mum and sister.


Unexpected Ganoderma emergency relief

On 7th April 2006, I received 2 unexpected SMS message from my sister, Yen, who was quite skeptical about Ganoderma Lucidum and other herbal supplements. She was in Sibu town of Sarawak, East Malaysia visiting her friend. And my mum happened to give her 10 capsules of Longheh Ganoderma in case she needed it.

This was her first message:

"I ate a piece of seafood yesterday that trigger my asthma allergic reaction. Luckily i have your LINGZHI! In 15 to 30 mins 2 capsules slow down the cough rate and itch in lung. Another 2 capsules solved the problem. I took one more capsule before sleep. No need to see doctor for injection :-)"

Sender: Yen
Sent: 10:24:19am

Here was her second message:

"I sense something wrong with that small piece and threw away other pieces. But that one was enough to trigger the reaction 1 hour later. Anyway, i had a good sleep."

Sender: Yen
Sent: 10:33:53am


Allergic reaction to seafood

Actually that was the second time my sister had allergic reaction. 3 years ago, she had her first serious allergy attack. She had difficulty in breathing after eating canned abalone. So my parents brought her to consult a doctor. After taking some medicines, she came back home.

But after a few hours, she felt worse. She almost couldn't breathe, with very little air flow into her lung when she inhaled. So my parents quickly brought her to another nearby clinic. This doctor reacted much faster. He asked whether she has asthma. My sister said no.

The doctor tried using asthma spray and oxygen pump with no improvement at all. Then my dad said, "Doctor, maybe it's the abalone she ate." Upon hearing this, the doctor quickly gave my sister an injection. With this, her allergic symptom disappeared immediately.

And that was her first encounter with respiratory allergic reaction which frightened my parents a lot.


Ganoderma herb saved the trouble

My sister recalled my allergy story when she waited for doctor during her second allergy attack in Sibu town. While waiting for her turn to see doctor, she was feeling very uncomfortable. Suddenly she thought, "I remember brother used Lingzhi for his allergy. Oh yes, I have Lingzhi in my bag. I'll try it now."

After 15 to 30 minutes, 2 capsules of Longheh Ganoderma slowed down her cough and lung itchiness. So, she went back without seeing doctor. That's why she was so happy when she wrote, "No need to see doctor for injection :-)"


Emergency allergic reaction treatment

If you encounter allergic reaction to food or drink, you can try taking 2 capsules of Ganoderma herb. Remember to open up the transparent capsule and swallow the powder directly. This gives faster absorption rate. After 5 to 10 minutes, if you feel your allergic reaction has stabilized or reduced, take another 2 capsules.

If your allergic reaction is quite serious, rush to your nearest clinic first. You can take Ganoderma in the car. In case Ganoderma herb doesn't work for your allergy, you can still consult your doctor quickly.

Ganoderma herb doesn't work well for asthma attack. You must use asthma spray or visit doctor immediately for serious asthma attack.


Gastric pain relief

My wife's aunt also related her discovery of using Ganoderma for gastric pain. When she travelled to China, she had to follow a tight travelling schedule. Sometimes, her meal time was quite late. Therefore, she had to endure hunger several times. And this caused her serious stomach pain.

One of her travelling friend gave her a gastric medicine and told her, "Try this. I always use this medicine to relief my gastric pain. It works great."

So my wife's aunt took the medicine. But she didn't feel any relief after taking it. Then she remembered the Longheh Ganoderma she brought along. Immediately she took 2 capsules of Longheh Ganoderma. And after a few minutes, her gastric pain was gone!


Different Ganoderma, different result

Not all Ganoderma products give good results for emergency relief. Longheh Ganoderma gives fast improvement because of log wood cultivation and the precious spore powder. It is also concentrated at 16 to 1 ratio.

So when you are traveling abroad, remember to take some Longheh Ganoderma together. It may also help to improve food poisoning due to its strong detoxification properties.


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