Is Ganoderma Lucidum herb effective for external use?


Usually, you consume Ganoderma Lucidum herb orally and let it works inside your body. However for some condition, external application gives better results. Here are some of the case studies.


Mouth ulcer

Have you ever experience mouth ulcer? Those white spots on your lips or tongue causes intense pain when you eat something. Tears even come out from the eyes when the pain is unbearable.

Having mouth ulcer that seems too slow to recover? You can open up Ganoderma extract capsule and apply some on your ulcer. You may feel slight pain at first. But with this Ganoderma external application, your mouth ulcer will get well in a much shorter time. You can apply it before you sleep everyday until the ulcer is completely gone.

This saves you extra days of painful eating. However, you must remember to sleep early, reduce fried food and take more fruits and vegetables. This prevents the mouth ulcer from coming back again.


Skin itchiness

One day, my younger sister felt constant itch on her right foot, between the ankle and big toe. She tried washing it with salt solution. And since she works in laboratory, she even poured some alcohol onto her foot. This only eased her itchiness for a few hours.

Seeing her condition, I asked her to try applying Ganoderma herb onto her foot. So she opened up a capsule and mixed it with some water. Then she rubbed this Ganoderma concentration onto her itchy area. Surprisingly, her itch went away the next day.


Mosquito bite

Having mosquito bites that seem to recover too slow? Well, you can apply some Ganoderma powder externally on the affected area. This helps to improve the healing process.

However, remember to consume Ganoderma extract orally too. It can strengthen your immune system, improve blood circulation and detoxify your body. After some time, your mosquito bite will recover quickly.


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