Can baby take Ganoderma herb?


Actually, a better question is "Why and when should baby take Ganoderma herb?"

Ganoderma is often known for its effectiveness in improving various aging problems. However, baby and small kid can also take this herb to improve certain health condition.


Improving baby's immunity

If your baby often gets sick, this shows her immunity is low. There are various factors affecting baby's immune system. Some of them are genetic factor, insufficient nutrient and suppressed immunity due to intoxication.

The Polysaccharides in Ganoderma help to improve baby's immune system naturally. And most importantly, Ganoderma can achieve this without any side effects on baby's tender organs.

Ganoderma herb also helps to regulate immunity and improve allergic reaction. Therefore, this herb also benefits baby with allergic symptoms such as asthma, nose allergy or skin allergy.


Detoxify baby's body

"Where are all the toxins in baby's body come from?" you may ask.

Unfortunately, when baby takes her first breath, she already has various types of toxin in her body. These toxins are transferred to baby's body through her mother's decades of accumulated toxins.

After birth, baby continues to absorb toxins from her environment such as:

  • soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
  • clothing with bright color
  • formaldehyde vapor from new furniture or room paint
  • vaccines

Although Ganoderma cannot detoxify all type of toxins, this herb can help to neutralize heavy metals and medicine toxins. It also reduces harmful free radicals in baby's body.

This is especially important when baby is taking vaccines. Most vaccine contains mercury, aluminum and other harmful toxins. Since Ganoderma can detoxify mercury, it is important to let baby take Ganoderma before and after receiving vaccine jabs.


Ganoderma dosage for baby

Baby up to 1 year old can take 1/3 capsule of Ganoderma extract twice a day. Baby older than 1 year old can take 1/2 capsule twice a day. Just open up Ganoderma capsule and mix the powder into baby's milk.

If baby cannot get use to Ganoderma's bitter taste, just mix lesser Ganoderma into baby's milk in the beginning. Later you can gradually increase the amount to the desired dosage.

Choosing the correct Ganoderma extract for baby is equally important. Of course, never let baby drink Ganoderma coffee. We only want baby to have pure Ganoderma extract, not the coffee, creamer and sugar. Choosing inferior Ganoderma product may also put baby at risk of getting other harmful substances that affect her growth.

A better alternative is to use log wood Ganoderma extract. This is much preferable than the usual vacuum packing Ganoderma. For a safer and more effective Ganoderma extract for baby, you can use Longheh Lingzhi.


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