Can Ganoderma herb cure kidney disease?


Generally, kidney disease is caused by:

  • Poor blood circulation - kidney cell lacks oxygen and nutrients
  • Intoxication - kidney cell dies due to intoxication
  • Infection - kidney cells is infected by bacteria or virus, causing inflammation
  • Autoimmune reaction - kidney cell is attacked by own immune system

Ganoderma effectively helps to improve blood circulation, detoxify the body, strengthen immune system and regulate immune system. Therefore, taking Ganoderma herb helps to improve kidney disease caused by above causes.

This is especially important for those with high risk of kidney disease. They may have high blood pressure, diabetes or with very low immune system. For early stage of kidney disease, you can also take Ganoderma herb with higher healing chances.

However for very serious kidney disease, taking Ganoderma is not recommended. Ganoderma herb contains Potassium mineral which has many health benefits but may slightly burden your kidney to filter it. Since the kidney is already very weak, we don't want to further increase its work load.

Therefore, if you have very high blood creatinine level, do not take Ganoderma for the time being. So what herb can you take?


The kidney guardian

The best herb for kidney is the Cordyceps Sinensis herb. It helps to strengthen your kidney, improve immune system and enhance body energy. All this without burdening your kidney in any way.

Healing result will vary depending on body condition, age and how early you seek treatment. With Cordyceps herb, some people successfully avoided the torturing dialysis treatment. But some people only managed to delay dialysis treatment for a few years, if the kidney damage is too serious.

However, one thing is for sure. Cordyceps herb let a kidney patient feel better with more energy. Even if dialysis cannot be avoided, taking Cordyceps help the patient go through this treatment without much complication.

When the creatinine level is significantly reduced, you can continue to take back Ganoderma herb for its other health benefits.


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