Ganoderma clinical experiment on promoting longevity


Human Test

An extensive research and development work was embarked to realize this objective. Given below are the details of the human tests conducted.

In the tests, 40 perfectly healthy subjects (19 were females and 21 males) with ages ranging from 20 to 77 years had been recruited by the hospital. They were separated into 2 groups of 20 each and subsequently subjected to double blind cross-over tests.

The first group was prescribed with a special Ganoderma formulation. The subjects in the second group were made to believe they were also prescribed with the same formulation. They were actually provided with a placebo.

6 months later, the prescriptions were switched between these 2 groups. From the results, the researching physicians discovered that for the first group (with Ganoderma formulation), the subjects generally showed improvements in their mental subjective symptoms and physical vitality after 3 months of consumption.

Among them, elderly achieved more significant signs of mental and physical enhancement than the younger ones. They were more alert and more revitalized.

In the case of those who were not prescribed with special Ganoderma formulation, no signs of mental enhancement were observed. Instead, they were as vulnerable to fatigue as they used to be.

The tests also revealed there was a marked enhancement of the overall antioxidant capability of the blood plasma among the group prescribed with special Ganoderma formulation. Besides, there was also a marked enhancement in multi-enzymatic (SOD, G6PD, GSHPx, GSHRd, etc) functions of their red blood cells.

This is by far the first ever scientific evidence indicating that Ganoderma can help promote vitality through its contributions in the above two functional enhancements.


Animal Test

Apart from human tests, animal mode tests on Senescence Accelerated Mice were also conducted. The average designed lifespan of these mice was 10 months. Those mice were pretreated to speed up their ageing process.

They would begin to show signs of ageing by the time they reached middle age (6 months old). Upon the demise of the mice, subsequent post-mortem revealed lesions in the brains, a condition that resembled the onset of senile dementia in humans.

Then another group of Senescence Accelerated Mice was fed with a 0.5% extract of the special Ganoderma formulation for two months, which are equivalent to 14 years in human terms.

By the time they reached middle age (6 months old), the results from a subsequent active evasion test showed that their memory power and learning faculty became better than those in the control group.

So by applying this on humans, if you begin the consumption of Ganoderma for 14 years when you reach middle age, you will have better memory power and learning faculty than those who do not.

As such, revitalizing the brain cells and impeding the rate of cellular degeneration in the brain are crucial in retarding ageing process. It is now clear that the consumption of Ganoderma can make you stay younger.

This miraculous herb promotes the flow of blood with boosted antioxidant power to various organs of the body. This allows them to maintain normal physiological functions so that you will not be ageing as fast as normal people will.

In another animal mode test conducted on Senescence Accelerated Mice, a group of mice was fed with 0.5% extract of special Ganoderma formulation when they were 6 months old. This was continued until their natural demise.

The results showed that in contrast to those in the control group, their survival rate was increased by an average 2 months and even up to 5 months in some cases. 2 months is equivalent to one fifth of their lifespan.

In addition, the more they fed on Ganoderma extract, the longer they survived. Again, by applying this on humans, let say you begin the consumption of Ganoderma from middle age onward until your eventual demise.

By assuming the average lifespan for modern human is 70 years, you would outlive your life expectancy by another one fifth or an extra 14 years.

If the average lifespan is 80 years, then you would extend your life by another one fifth or an extra 16 years. In other words, with Ganoderma, it is no longer a dream for human beings to live up to a full ripe age of 100 years and even 120 years and beyond.


Best Antioxidant Herb

The above tests show that Ganoderma is one of the best antioxidant herb beneficial in boosting the overall antioxidant power of the blood. In addition, this herb reinforces human body’s ability to get rid of free radicals and toxins.

Furthermore, Ganoderma is also exceptional in elevating the survival rate of the hippocampus gyrus in the brain to help improve our memory power and learning faculty.

Scientific findings of extensive research works on Ganoderma carried out in the last 40 years have indicated that Ganoderma is capable of imparting human body with holistic health enhancing benefits.

As our forefathers had already put it concisely, Ganoderma is indeed helpful in "restoring normal physiological functions to consolidate the physical constitution".

Hence, long term consumption of Ganoderma can contribute to boosting the antioxidant power of our multi enzymatic system. It also helps to rid of the free radicals to eliminate "oxidative stress" and enhance your vitality.

Following this, the level of vitality achieved can effectively minimize the harm of free radicals and get rid of them in the shortest possible time. This is indeed the key to retarding the ageing process or "promoting longevity".

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