Can I take Ganoderma during pregnancy?


Yes, of course you can. In fact, you're encouraged to take Ganoderma before, during and after your pregnancy. Why taking Ganoderma is important at these stages?

During pregnancy, your health condition directly determines your baby's health. Let's not talk about genetic. If your body has too much accumulated toxins, your baby's growth will be definitely affected.


Heavy metal effect on pregnancy

Take mercury for example. This deadly heavy metal can damage our nerves and cause all sorts of mental problems. Therefore, too much of accumulated mercury in your body will retard your baby's nerve growth. But where do you get this mercury from?

It's simple. Certain sea foods and fishes are known to contain dangerous concentration of mercury. If you're pregnant, do not eat any shark or tuna fish because these two fishes are very high in mercury.

Why? Firstly, they are at the top of sea food chain. So they accumulate the most toxins passed to them from the bottom of the food chain. Secondly, these fishes live longer. So they have longer time to accumulate even more toxins.

Other heavy metals that affect baby's growth are lead and arsenic. So how do you detoxify your body from heavy metals and other toxins?

Take Gannoderma supplement. Ganoderma herb effectively neutralizes heavy metals and other toxins in your body. It creates an ideal environment for your baby's growth, which is very important for a healthy and strong baby.


Low immune system effect on pregnancy

Do you often get sick? Do you often have flu, fever or sore throat? If you do, you are having a low immune system. And this can be dangerous to baby's growth during your pregnancy.

In case you couldn't fight off germs infection, those germs may arrive to your womb and harm your baby. Taking medicines may also produce unwanted side effects and affects baby's growth.

Therefore, maintaining a strong immune system is vital for good baby growth. Taking Ganoderma supplement naturally enhances your immune system without any side effects at all. It helps to protect your baby from unwanted bacteria or virus infection.


Poor blood circulation effect on pregnancy

Your baby takes in nutrients and oxygen, and expels unwanted waste substances through umbilical cord. And this highly depends on a good blood circulation.

When you have poor blood circulation, you cannot sufficiently deliver nutrients and oxygen to your baby. And your baby's waste substances cannot be thoroughly cleared out. This of course negatively affects baby's growth.

Taking Ganoderma supplement also helps in improving your blood circulation. This ensures good blood circulation to and from your baby.


Taking Ganoderma after pregnancy

After pregnancy, your body may become very weak and your hormone balance is slowly adjusted. Ganoderma herb helps to enhance your body energy, balance your hormone system and detoxify your body. This is especially important if you breastfeed your baby.

Human is considered on top of the food chain. However, breast milk is one level higher than human. Why this is important?

Imagine this. A plant may absorb heavy metals and other toxic chemicals from the soil. If a cow eats this plant, it will get all these toxins into its body too. When you eat beef, you will also get all these accumulated toxins from the cow.

Meanwhile in the ocean, small fish eats plankton. Medium sized fish eats smaller fish. And big fish eats medium sized fish. At the end, shark eats the big fish. Therefore, tiny amount of toxins are channeled up the food chain to the shark. Animal in higher food chain level contains even more toxins.

Finally, we human eat the shark, fish, cow, goat and the chicken. Imagine how much toxins you have accumulated. And these toxins in your body may be found in your breast milk too.This of course can affect baby's growth.

Therefore, taking Ganoderma is very important because it can detoxify your body and prevent baby from taking unwanted toxins through your breast milk.


Natural supplement during pregnancy

When taking supplement during pregnancy, it's very important to make sure the supplement doesn't produce unwanted side effects on you and your baby. Ganoderma is one of the best supplements you can take to ensure a healthy baby's growth. With its balancing or adaptogenic effect, Ganoderma doesn't produce unwanted side effects.

However, you must make sure the Ganoderma supplement you take it free from heavy metals itself. Due to improper cultivation and processing method, some supplement may contain some unwanted chemical substances. So you have to be very careful on this.

For the recommended Ganoderma extract you can safely take during pregnancy and breastfeeding, try Longheh Lingzhi.


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