Why you should take Ganoderma product with proper mindset


Many people take Ganoderma product for a while and give up later on without experiencing any health benefits. However, some improved a lot through this herb. What's the difference between those who get well and those who didn't? A proper mindset.

Healing begins in your mind. Getting healthy is the same as getting success in your financial, career and relationship. There are challenges and emotional doubt you need to overcome. Basically, there are two main problems involved.

  • If you give up Ganoderma too soon, you may risk losing your chances for health improvement from this medicinal herb.
  • If you keep taking it for too long without any effects, you risk wasting your money and time on product that won't improve your health condition.

What is the balance point? What is the proper mindset for taking Ganoderma product for better health improvement? Below are the important steps you may need to go through...


1. Decide to get well

This is the first and most important step. While this may sound obvious, I discover that some patient has no intention to cure their illness at all. They often give excuses like...

"I don't have the time" or "I don't have the money"

To make their problem worse, they still indulge in unhealthy food because they couldn't resist the temptation. A doctor cannot cure a patient who doesn't want to get well.

Dr. Lee, my mentor, once said, "Don't find excuse for your failure. Instead, find the solution for your success."

To heal your body, you really need to have a deep burning desire to get well again. You must say to yourself confidently:

  • "I must get well and I will get well!"
  • "Nothing is going to stop me from getting healthier!"
  • "Sooner or later, I will find the solution to my health problem!"

These are very important self suggestion statements you must say to yourself often, preferably everyday. Only with a strong desire, you can get well again. You simply cannot get any better if you always stare in the mirror with a sorrow look in your face and say...

"I'm hopeless. I'll never recover. My body is getting worse everyday."

This is especially important for cancer patient. A lot of cancer patient died not because of cancer, but because of the fear from cancer.

So brace up yourself. Think positive always. Believe in the healing power of your own body and mind. Miracles do happen.


2. Get your first exposure

You search for the solution to your health problem all the time. At last, you get to know about Ganoderma product.

Usually, first exposure doesn't bring much impact on your mind. You may think...

"Yeah, this is the best herb again for my health. It's the purest herb with good efficacy. It's from a reputable company with a long history of success. But everyone is telling me the same story for their supplement product!"


3. Start to learn more

You may discover that everyone is talking about Ganoderma product. Your friends, the internet, and even the media mention about the amazing healing properties of this medicinal herb. You start to gain interest and begin to learn more about it. Of course, it brings you to this website :)


4. Hesitate and doubtful

At this point, you may hesitate whether to try Ganoderma product to improve your health. You may doubt of issues like:

  • Is Ganoderma Lucidum really that effective?
  • Can this herb improve my health?
  • Is there any side effects?

This is very normal reaction. We tend to get a little sceptical with new supplement product.


5. Decide to try

At last, you decide to try Ganoderma product after convinced of its health benefits. You place your order and wait for its arrival to your doorstep. Upon receiving it, you open the package and start to take your first capsule.

After a few days or few weeks, you may discover one of the following reactions:

a) You feel worse!
b) You don't feel anything
c) You feel better


6a. You feel worse

This is a terrible experience. You wanted to get better with Ganoderma. But it gets worse instead! Your first thought is to stop taking this herb immediately.

Later, you understand this is just a temporary reaction. It results from Ganoderma's effect in improving your body condition, removing circulatory blockage and removing toxics.

You still believe in this medicinal herb and continue to consume it while bearing the discomfort. After a few weeks, the temporary reaction gradually reduces.

Then you realize your health is getting better and better. This slowly builds your confidence. The temporary reaction has gone and health improvement is on the way.

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6b. You don't feel anything

At this stage, you don't feel any difference with Ganoderma product. You may wonder whether this herb can help. Your doubt increases. After finishing your first or second box, you hesitate whether to continue taking it.

However, you decide to continue taking Ganoderma herb until you feel the improvement you want. After a few months, you realized your health problem has unknowingly improved. You're excited and start to have more confidence in this herb.

For general time frame, you're advised to consume Ganoderma at full dosage for 3 to 6 months in the beginning.

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6c. You feel better

Finally it worked! After all this time searching for the solution to your health problem, you finally found the one that actually work.

You're happy of course. Your confidence rises up. You're about to begin a new life - a healthier life where you can do whatever you want and go wherever you want.


7. Maintain your health

Some people stop taking Ganoderma product once they improve their health condition. Worse still, they continue to indulge on their favorite unhealthy food again. Soon, after a few months, their health condition returns to the previous horrible state.

You definitely don't want to follow this path. Many patients neglected their healthy lifestyle shortly after they recover. Some found their health becoming worse in a short time.

Instead, after having significant health improvement, you can slowly reduce your Ganoderma dosage for general health care. From 6 capsules per day, your can reduce to 4 capsules and finally 2 capsules.

Most choose to reduce and maintain dosage at 2 because of financial reason. Of course, if you can afford it, you can still stick to 4 or 6 capsules per day for long term health care.

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Some may feel that their old health problem reoccur while taking Ganoderma product. Don't worry. This is only temporary adjustment in the body. In a short time, your health condition will return back to normal.

With the above proper mindset, hopefully you can get the maximum health benefits from Ganoderma product.


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