Ganoderma Question and Answer


Can Ganoderma coffee improve my health too?
You may have heard of Ganoderma coffee which is claimed to have various health benefits of Ganoderma herb. How good is it? Do you really need it?

Do I need Ganoderma dietary supplement even I'm healthy?

Most people take Ganoderma herb when they have some disturbing health problems. However, the best time to take this herb is before you get ill. As you have heard before, prevention is better than cure.

Is it true Ganoderma herb cures hundreds of diseases?

Have you heard Ganoderma Lucidum herb can cure hundreds of diseases? Is it true? Is it just another hyped herbal supplement with miracle cure?

Why I still get sick even with taking Ganoderma herb?
You thought taking Ganoderma helps to improve your immune system. But why you still get sick?

Can Ganoderma herb cure kidney disease?
How effective is Ganoderma herb in treating kidney disease? Which herb should you take if you have serious kidney problem?

Can Ganoderma help me to lose weight?
Is Ganoderma an effective herb for weight loss? Under what circumstances this herb can help to reduce your weight.


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