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Due to the increasing popularity of Ganoderma Lucidum in improving various diseases including cancer, many media and newspaper had reported about this miracle fungus.

Below are actual articles from newspaper and medical report for your reference...


Ganoderma Lucidum is the Best

China Times - 16th August 1996

The mysteries of Ganoderma Lucidum have been revealed throughout Taiwan in recent years when many experts world wide gathered at the republic to present their findings on this medicinal herb.

The efficacy of Ganoderma Lucidum is not only confined to anti-cancer and immunity improvement, but also for overcoming diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis C. The delegates from China even say that it can promote longevity.

However, a professor from Taiwan Agriculture University has the opinion that story in Chinese folklore actually means that this herb is so precious that it can only be seen once in a millennium.

Today, most people extract Ganoderma Lucidum for its Polysaccharides. To find an efficacious and useful Ganoderma Lucidum, we have to look for its young shoot about one year old.

Scientific studies on Polysaccharides have confirmed that a little bit of Polysaccharides is enough to stimulate secretion of immunity cells.

Professor Wang from Taipei Yongzhong Medical Research Center said that Ganoderma Polysaccharides are anti-allergy, anti-tumor and can promote secretion of immunity cells.

He further said that contemporary experiment showed that 400 milligrams of Ganoderma Polysaccharides can promote growth of immunity cells.

Many results showed that this herb can improve immunity. Nevertheless, many Ganoderma Lucidum sold in the market do not have Polysaccharides extraction which limit its efficacy.

A professor of Education University in Shanghai who has done research on those who suffered from fatigue, insomnia, poor memory revealed that this herb can improve body weakness, protect liver and anti-ageing.


 Ganoderma Lucidum Prevent Cancer Cell

China Times - 14th July 1993

For Chinese Traditional Medication, Ganoderma Lucidum is considered as an effective medicine to heal many diseases. A report from Taipei Veterans General Hospital showed that it contains Polysaccharides which increase body immunity.

Nevertheless, as pointed out by Prof Wang, most Ganoderma Lucidum in the market are old, cultivated using wood dust and contain little Polysaccharides. Following that, little medicinal effect can be obtained.

Consumers are reminded to be more careful in purchasing this herb because low quality ones not only lack medicinal qualities but also slows down the healing process.

Prof Wang submitted his findings on the effectiveness of preventive role played by Ganoderma Lucidum on cancer. He stated that a number of chemical processes are needed to separate the components of Polysaccharides. They also needed to test Macrophagus and T-Lymphocite cells changes in the lymph fluid.

The results showed that only a small amount of Polysaccharides is needed to get good results. The infected white blood cells will be reduced while cancer cell's activity will be stopped. This research has been endorsed by the International Council of Medicine, which published magazine concerning Tumor Prevention Research.

Prof Wang found that minimal Polysaccharides can promote the growth of Macrophagus and Lymphocite cells. This shows that Polysaccharides can increase body immunity.

However, research for the prevention of cancer found that the use of Polysaccharides to promote immunity can prevent the growth of cancer. At the same time, it transforms negative cancerous cells into positive ones.

Prof Wang alleged that Ganoderma Lucidum has been misused by irresponsible dealers. Nevertheless, the final stage of cancer still needs laser treatment, operation and this herb only plays the supplementary role.


Ganoderma Improves Cancer, Helps Blood Clot, Enhance Immune System and Promote Longevity

Taiwan Health and Hygiene News - Tuesday, 18th January 1988

According to a report made by the cooperation of 3 professors of Taipei Medical Institute and Taiwan Medical Institute, Professor Chen Hui Hua, Wong Yi Chen and Tung Ta Chen, there is an early prevention for cancer.

After 3 years of hard work experimenting Ganoderma Lucidum on animals, finally they managed to prove that it is able to prevent cancer cells S-180 from growing, help blood clot, enhance immune system and helps achieve longevity.

Based on a research on the effect of this fungus on cancer patients for 3 years, its function can be divided into five categories:

1) Increase life span
Long term use has been proven to keep cancerous cells from spreading to other body parts. The proof for this function is there was an old woman aged 83 who had lung cancer and coughing problem especially at night.

Her phlegm was with blood. Doctor predicted she can only stay alive for 3 months.

After consuming this herb, she amazingly live for 15 more months (resulting in life prolongation of 12 months) and died of natural death.

2) Produce natural antibody
In today's industrial world, much negative elements find its way to our body through our mouth and nose. Air and water are seriously polluted these days.

Human breathing system and skin are also being exposed to virus and bacteria. All these are major causes of cancer. Ganoderma Lucidum has brought hope for this and those who take it regularly never end up with cancer.

3) Pain control
Late stages of cancer bring severe pain. Sedatives and morphine have always been the solution for it. However, these drugs can only achieve temporary effect.

Regular consumption of this herb can reduce almost all the pain. At the same time, it prevents cancer cells from spreading to other body parts.

4) Prevent the formation of blockage in arteries
According to a medical statistic, the actual cause of death from cancer is artery blockage and not the cancer cell itself. This fact has been neglected all this while. To prevent arteries blockage, we should take more high cellulose and cereals food.

5) Quick recovery
It is able to give cancer patient a quick recovery after surgery. This is acknowledged and recommended by traditional and modern medical specialists.


Scientific proofs of Ganoderma Lucidum as Cancer Herbs

Taiwan Daily News - Wednesday, 15th April 1987

Traditionally, this herb is used as remedy for many kinds of disease. Recently, the National Chinese Medical Research Institute proved that it has many healing properties such as to reduce blood pressure, to heal bronchus disease and to maintain liver condition.

At present, cancer is the top ten most dangerous disease in Taiwan. Therefore, medical specialist is making effort in researching Ganoderma Lucidum to overcome this disease.

According to the Head of Research Institute, Mr Liew Kuo Choo, this fungus is a quality herb and is classified according to its color; green, yellow, red, white, purple and pink.

According to him, the research used the red one, Ganoderma Lucidum as the main constituent because it is said to be able to calm emotions, prevent coughs and heal asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure, liver infections and others.

Beside that, Ganoderma Lucidum is mainly tested because from it, polysaccharides and Ling Zhi acid can be extracted for the purpose of swelling prevention. This interesting finding has been recorded and is highly reliable.

Experiment showed that it can:

1) Reduce tension
A white mouse was placed in a box and all its movement was recorded. Then Ganoderma Lucidum was injected and between 1 to 3 hours the movement slowed down. This showed that it is good for insomnia.

2) Reduce blood pressure
The results of the same experiment showed that blood pressure of the mouse went down from 195 to 173. This was continued up to 25 hours.

3) Strengthen the heart
In the same experiment, the results showed that different concentration will show different potential in shrinking the heart which changes from 100 to 53.5 times.

4) Maintain function of respiratory system
They separated the bronchus to 5 distinctive shapes of rings, which in turn form into a chain. Then it is hung in the test tube at 35 degree angle. A reading is then taken. It expands and later shrunk.

This is maintained for a period of 2 to 2.5 minutes. The pointed section will shrink for 10 minutes. This enables the measuring of the effects of expansion and constriction of bronchus.


The Unique Ganoderma Triterpenes

Prof Dong Yizhi from Taipei Medical College, Dept of BioChemistry
Prof Su Qinhwa from Taipei Medical College, Dept of Microbiological Immunology

Based on the reports from in and out of the country, Ganoderma Lucidum is found to have different physical functions. In the market, it has become a new and effective form of health food.

This gives this fungus a mysterious reputation. There are, in fact, many reports that seek to explain its healing properties. The universally accepted sources of its prowess are:

1) Macromolecular Polysaccharides

2) Different varieties of Triterpenes

Macromolecular Polysaccharides is formed by a group of monosaccharide. It can cure tumors and lower blood sugar concentration. These polysaccharides are not only present in Ganoderma Lucidum but also in other good bacteria and micro organism such as mushrooms, Cordyceps Sinensis and others.

Ganoderma Lucidum is a better herb mainly because of another important substance, Triterpenes. It has as much as 100 to 200 different types of these complex chemical substances that give out its existing bitterness.

Some contains a strong aroma, some not at all. According to a finding by a Japanese academician, Prof. Xiau Ming Zhi, there are at least more than 100 types of Triterpenes produced by a substance known as “Zhe Zhi”.

Some of which may be found in certain plant seeds whereas some in mycelin. The substances are based on its structure and can be divided into Ling Zhi acid, Zhe Zhi acid, Zhe Ling acid and other kind of substances, such as aldo Ling Zhi and lyserol.

Most of these elements are labeled as A, B, C... Z or other symbols according to the discovery order so that its minute chemical structural differences are distinguishable.

These substances will usually dissolve in chlorine, methanol or propane but its solubility in cold water is rather low. The Ganoderma spore contains 3 to 4 % of the substances above and this can be considered quite high.

Triterpenes are the important element that it is only found in this herb. How does Triterpenes contribute to its healing properties? So far, we know that :

1) Ling Zhi acid C and D can cure allergies,

2) Ling Zhi acid K & S, aldo Ling Zhi A can prevent decrease in blood pressure,

3) Prof. Xiau Ming Zhi has successfully separated steroid from filium in Ganoderma Lucidum and discovered that it can lower fat,

4) For liver problems caused by chemicals, Ganoderma Lucidum helps to decrease GOT and GTP. The high content of these substances is the reason why Ganoderma Lucidum is so valuable.


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