When will you get better with Ganoderma herb?


How long you should take Ganoderma herb? When can you start to feel some improvement?

Besides choosing the superior Ganoderma product and take it at sufficient dosage, time is the third important factor. With enough time, Ganoderma herb can improve your overall health condition by:

  • removing circulatory blockage
  • removing accumulated toxics
  • enhancing body energy

You must be patient.

People usually acquire their health problem after many years of unhealthy diet, negative emotions and poor environment. But most of them want to completely cure their illnesses in a few days. How is it possible?


What's the minimum time frame?

You should at least give yourself 3 months time to try Ganoderma herb at full dosage. Depending on individual body condition, some can feel improvement within a few days. But some only experience its benefits after 1 or 2 months.

So the realistic time frame is 3 months. Continue to take it until you feel really good about your health. By then, you can reduce the dosage for general healthcare.

Please don't take Ganoderma herb for one week and say it's not effective. Once a lady told me...


"After 2 months taking Ganoderma, I'm still in pain"

With this, I replied, "Please be patient. Give yourself more time to see whether it works." And after 6 months when I met her again, I asked, "How's your pain?"

She looked blank and replied, "What pain?" I said, "The foot pain you told me last time. How is it now?"

She smiled, "Oh! I've forgotten about the pain if you don't remind me. It's all gone!"

You may not feel any difference when you first start taking Ganoderma herb. However after a few months, you may realize that your minor health problems have slowly disappeared one by one.


Come quickly and go away slowly

Sickness seems to come quickly and go away slowly. So slow that you don't realize it.

But the truth is, many illnesses take an even longer time to develop in your body. Until a volcano erupts, we don't realize the larva has been boiling inside for many years.

So you should celebrate if you need 6 months, 1 year or even 2 years to improve your health condition. Your sickness may take 10 to 20 years to develop in your body.


Still no improvement after 6 months

Sometimes this happens. So we ask them questions such as:

  • How's your sleep?
  • Still having constipation?
  • Feel any increase in body energy?

We'll probe into their lifestyle in detail for any subtle changes. Once a madam complained her headache problem still persists. So we asked her several questions untill we found out her gum bleeding has stopped.

She said, "Previously my gum always bleeds when I brush my teeth. But now the bleeding has stopped."

We replied, "That's right. Ganoderma is already having positive effects on your body. It improves your minor problems first. Your headache is more serious. So it requires a longer time to improve. You must be patient."


Be patient

Eventually, your patience will be rewarded with better health and stronger body. So for how long you should take this herb? The answer is: take it for long term if you can.

Ganoderma long term consumption
Long term consumption of this herb will definitely give the best health benefits. Find out how Ganoderma herb promotes your vitality and longevity through long term consumption.

Still couldn't feel any improvement?
Of course, this herb is not a cure-all miracle prescription. Some patients took it with no improvement. And here are some reasons why.


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