Can herbs for asthma cure asthma completely?


Asthma is such an annoying health problem. And sometimes, it can be life threatening too. Today, increasing number of children get asthma around the world.

Asthma is a kind of allergic reaction that causes the respiratory tract to contract. This blocks air passage where oxygen cannot enter the lung and carbon dioxide cannot flow out.

For severe case, inflammation on respiratory tract may occur, causing serious phlegm.

Medications and steroid spray can only control this condition. However, choosing the correct herbs for asthma may often affect a significant long term improvement.


Causes of Asthma

Generally, asthma attack is triggered by allergen such as pollen and dust. It causes your immune system to over react.

Under normal circumstances, your immune system will react actively towards harmful bacteria or virus that enters your body. However, pollen and dust are not germs. If your immune system is poorly regulated, it will launch an attack on those allergens too! This causes allergy reaction or asthma attack.

In your body defense mechanism, a protein called Immunoglobulin E or IgE functions as radar to detect unfriendly particles. When enemy enters your body, IgE radar fires up signal calling for other immunity cells to launch an attack.

If IgE is over sensitive, it will signal an emergency rescue call even when it detects pollen or dust. When the attack is blindly launched, it destroys your own friendly cell too. This is the explanation of Western medical for asthma. How about Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view?


TCM on Asthma

TCM states that lung inhales energy or chi into the body. And kidney retains the chi energy. Weakness in the lung and kidney causes problem with energy flow. Eventually, asthma develops.

So to treat asthma, TCM uses herbs that strengthen lung and kidney for long term improvement. And among variety of Chinese herbs, Cordyceps Sinensis is one of the most effective herbs for kidney. Ganoderma Lucidum herb is good for strengthening lung energy.


Herbs for Asthma

In Western medical theory, over active IgE causes asthma. And our body's natural substance that control and regulate IgE is Interferon Gamma.

The strengthening of Interferon Gamma is shown to improve asthma condition. And modern researches show that Cordyceps Sinensis herb can effectively enhance Interferon Gamma function in our body. This herb can also dilate (expand) the respiratory tract.

No matter from western medical theory or TCM point of view, Cordyceps Sinensis can significantly help to improve asthma.


Ganoderma herb for Asthma

Other immunity regulators are Interferon Alpha, Interferon Beta and lymphatic cells. This group of immunity regulators will suppress over active immunity cells and enhance the weaker one. Thus, it maintains a balance in your complex immune system.

Ganoderma Lucidum herb can enhance Interferon Alpha and Interferon Gamma. Therefore, this herb also helps in improving asthma. However, combining Ganoderma with Cordyceps gives better improvement.

What if the asthma condition is more severe with respiratory tract inflammation? Take Bee Propolis together to reduce inflammation and phlegm.


Care for Asthma

Try your best to avoid environment that triggers asthma attack. It's also very important to reduce spicy, fried and grilled food in your diet. Don't get angry and stress up.

Please do not discontinue any forms of medication without doctor’s advice even when you are taking herbs for asthma.

Taking herbs for asthma together with good diet can improve this condition naturally and effectively.


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