Can herbs for gout relieve the pain and swelling?


"You cannot eat meat, beans, this and that..." You may have heard this from your doctor because of your gout. Most patients will look sad and ask, "What can I eat then?" Well, this is the problem with gout.

Gout is a type of arthritis caused by high uric acid level. Uric acid is a waste product formed from the breakdown of certain proteins called purines. It is normally removed from the body by kidneys.

In gout, uric acid builds up and forms crystals which are deposited inside the joints. Gout is more common in men, especially between ages of 30 and 60.


Is Gout a curable disease?

Yes, there are some herbs for gout to improve this type of arthritis. But if left untreated, it can cause kidney stones, which may lead to kidney damage.

The pain may last for days to weeks if not treated. Arthritis attacks may reoccur at intervals of weeks or months. The base of big toe is usually affected. The big toe becomes red, hot, swollen and very painful. Gout can also affect other joints like the ankle, knee, wrist and fingers.

You know you have gout arthritis when your blood test shows higher value of uric acid indicator.


Causes of Gout

One of the main causes for gout is taking too much food high in purines protein such as:

  • Organ meats - liver, kidney, brain
  • Seafood - crab, prawn, cockle, scallop
  • Small fish - sardines, fish roe
  • Meat extracts, yeast extracts
  • Beer

While avoiding food mentioned above, you need to also reduce the following:

  • Asparagus, cauliflower, mushroom and spinach
  • Peanuts, dhal, beans and peas
  • Custard apple
  • Wholegrain breads and cereal
  • Soybean products like bean curd

When you take in excessive purines, uric acid builds up. So, the first step in treating gout is to control your diet. The second cause for gout is weak organs function such as:

  • Over producing of uric acid
  • Problem with uric acid metabolism and removal
  • Combination of both above


Herbs for Gout

For the problem with weak organs, we need to strengthen organs related to uric acid such as liver and pancreas. As herbs for gout, Ganoderma Lucidum herb and Cordyceps Sinensis herb can strengthen your internal organs and balance uric acid metabolism.

Before taking any herbs for gout, remember to first take care of your lifestyle and diet as mentioned above. If you don't control these two important aspects, taking any supplements or herbs for gout will be less effective or even useless.

For serious condition, consult your physician first before taking any herbs for arthritis.


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