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What's so special about Longheh Ganoderma?

Of course, everyone is saying their Ganoderma product is the best. But let's find out what makes Longheh Ganoderma my best choice for long term health care... 


Log wood vs Vacuum packing Ganoderma

The unique log wood cultivation - 6 times more effective

Would you cultivate Ganoderma using method that takes 6 times longer to harvest and requires much more space? Of course not. Using more time and space cost more money.

However Dr. Lee, the founder for Long-heh Ganoderma, chose the more expensive method 22 years ago for one single reason - to give you the best healing results in the shortest possible time.

Long-heh Ganoderma is cultivated on natural log wood, taking one year to harvest. The process is long and requires much effort. However, as it takes time to fully absorb sunlight and water, it has solid and firm body compared to vacuum packing Ganoderma. This produces 6 times more beneficial Organic germanium, Triterpenes and Polysaccharides.

Besides, Ganoderma spore powder can be collected only with this cultivation method.


Ganoderma spore

The precious spore powder - 75 times more effective

When Ganoderma matures at around one year, spore powder can be seen on top of the fruit body. It is then carefully collected by manual labor.

As we know, spore or seed always has much higher nutritional value compared to its actual fruit. Ganoderma spore has 75 times more healing effectiveness compared to its fruit body.

And the essence of Longheh Ganoderma spore powder is retained using the latest spore shell breaking technique. This lets you easily and fully absorb its essences.

That's not all. Longheh Ganoderma is further condensed to a maximum concentration.


16 to 1 concentration

16 to 1 concentration - Take 1 capsule instead of 16

If you have 16 kg of Ganoderma, would you sell 16 kg or only 1 kg of it? Of course, selling 16 kg gives higher profit. However, Dr. Lee further condenses the Ganoderma from 16 kg to 1 kg.

A capsule of Long-heh Ganoderma is equivalent to 16 capsules of other non-concentrated log wood Ganoderma. Therefore, you just take 1 capsule instead of 16 capsules.

Finally, where would you choose to cultivate this fungus? In a convenient town area?


Far away cultivation site - Get nutrients, not toxins

Most Ganoderma are grown nearby town area. Some Ganoderma farms are even located along busy trunk road. Convenient location means lower transportation cost. However, the downsides are air, water and soil pollution problems. It may contaminate this fungus with heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

Longheh Ganoderma is cultivated in an unpolluted environment in Mount Wuyi, Fujian province of China. The mountains are full of falling streams. Coupled with moderate temperature, this makes the environment ideal for log wood Ganoderma cultivation.

Furthermore, Longheh Ganoderma is cultivated scientifically under highly controlled and sterile environment. Its growth and harvest are managed under natural climate. There are no chemicals or artificial fertilizers used in the plantation area.


Accredited lab test - Safe for long term consumption

This Ganoderma extract has undergone on-site testing by Faculty of Medicine, University Science of Malaysia using state-of-art technology called Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)

The test shown that Long-heh Ganoderma is free from any medicines, heavy metals and other harmful substances.


International quality certification

Quality Assurance - Brand you can trust

Longheh Ganoderma was awarded with gold medal for the best quality health food product by Taiwan government for the past 10 years.

The manufacturer, Chin-I Enterprise also received international quality recognition such as:

A) ISO 9001 and 9002
B) ISO 13488 medical device
C) CE marking

With such an accomplished record, Longheh Ganoderma has found its footing in over 60 countries around the world. Finally, everyone can benefit from the essence of this 2000-year-old herb.

Let's hear from those who have benefited from this herb through this website.


Thyroid imbalance & insomnia

"I am suffering from lack of thyroid hormone. I felt tired despite my medical treatment of synthetic hormone which helped me but not completely.

The additional intake of Longheh Ganoderma extract helps me to recover the energy I had before my thyroid problem.

As for my husband who is taking 6 capsules every day, he improved his capacity to fell asleep as he was suffering from chronic insomnia. He was more skeptical before starting to take Ganoderma. But now he is very careful not to forget one of his 3 daily intakes."

Veronique Lemoine
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Liver cancer

"Feb 5, 2008 - I've had liver cancer and had liver resection last September 2007. I think I feel better after taking Longheh Ganoderma. The side effect of Nexavar medicine (ringing ear) no longer bother me. And I think it's because of Longheh Ganoderma. My dosage is eight capsules per day.

Apr 21, 2008 - I am feeling a lot better right now. My blood test showed significant improvement in my liver. The ALT is good, the AST went down from 117 to 56 and the Alkaline Phosphatase went down from 395 to 274. The Bilirubin total was down from 1.5 to 0.8 Thanks for your Ganoderma."

Tilden Tran
Houston, USA


Shoulder pain and insomnia

"I am having shoulder pain for around 2 years and getting a shoulder message would hurt so much. When I started working, it got worse. I have used different pillows but it didn't help my shoulder. In fact, the 'most ergonomic pillow' would make it worse. I had to wake up and change to another pillow.

And for the last half year, I have had sleeping difficulty. I would sleep and woke up after 4 to 5 hours. And this made me so tired. I tried different Oriental Care supplements but I have stopped them.

After taking Longheh Ganoderma for a few weeks at only 2 capsules a day, I am feeling a big difference. Among other things, I sleep much better than I used to. My constant shoulder pain is also gone. Now I have new energy and am grateful for this product. Thanks for the good service and information as well."

Kastrup, Denmark


Tinnitus (ears ringing)

"My ears especially the left one are extremely sensitive to different high frequency sounds. I tried acupuncture for over a year and many different vitamin supplements recommended by an ENT doctor. However, little or no relief was experienced.

With Longheh Ganoderma, I experience less irritation. And the noise in my ears from tinnitus has diminished (not completely, but noticeably)."

Charles Bull
New York, USA


Concerned about online order

"I have been concerned about ordering products online due to the huge amount of fraud found on the web. However I had to get these products for my mother because she is suffering from cancer. So I took the risk and went ahead to order Longheh Ganoderma, hoping to improve my mother's immune system.

As soon as I requested a quote and asked some questions, I got an email from James Pang that was more that willing to help me with all the questions I had. I was very happy for the fast reply and he shipped out my order within 48 hours.

Everything happened much faster than I expected. I never believe I could order something from the other side of the world and would arrive to me in less than a week! I feel I can trust James for his knowledge on different herbs and his instructions have been really precise and clear to understand.

Because of his great service and dosage instructions, my mother's health improved dramatically. I want to thank James for his great support."

Kyriakos Georgis
Nicosia, Cyprus


Gastric problem

"From young I have gastric and stomach bloating problem. I could not eat spicy and sour food. Taking medicine and detox supplement did not improve my condition much.

I first heard of Lingzhi from my mother who bought it from Taiwan. She said her stamina improved a lot with this herb. However, I was quite skeptic about it.

My mother asked me to order Lingzhi in Malaysia for her consumption. So I searched online and found Longheh Lingzhi. After studying this product with other similar products, I feel it is safe for my mother consumption.

I also started to try taking Longheh Lingzhi myself. At first my whole body felt itchy and a black mole appeared on my lap. However, these symptoms disappeared after 3 months. I understand this is a normal detoxification process.

Now on the 4th month, I feel very alert and my whole body feels very light. My stomach is also getting much better. I am taking 4 capsules of Longheh Lingzhi a day."

Lily Ng
Kuala Lipis, Malaysia

Tiredness and menstrual disorder

"I am 33 years old and have been very tired during the day since childhood. I have no energy for work. And for over 12 years, my menstrual cycle is irregular. For my tiredness, doctor said it was normal and gave me nerve pills. And for my menstrual cycle problem, they always prescribe Lutoral for me.

When I started to learn about Longheh Ganoderma, I wasn't sure. Everywhere, there are so many good stories. So I really don't know whether this product will work. But when I started to study your webpage, I found faith.

After taking Longheh Ganoderma for a week, I can already feel the difference. Now after one month, I am much more energetic and sleep very well. My period comes on time and without much pain like before. It has been a very long time since I felt this good.

My Mother also likes this product very much. Since my dad died 7 years ago, she always take a tablet of sleeping pill to sleep. And it didn't do enough for her anymore.

After she started to take Ganoderma, she told me one day, 'Winnie I can tell you a surprise.' So I ask, 'What is it?' And she told me, 'I had put the sleep pill away and take only Ganoderma. I can sleep like I hadn't sleep in years!" How happy she was.

Our kids are also feeling good with Ganoderma. It is interesting that one of our kids didn't like chili, onion, tomato and veggie. But we noticed he started eating salsa. When I saw that, my mouth actually fell open. I was really surprised. Our kids really eat a lot better and they are not always complaining about their stomach."

El Paso, USA

Low mental alertness

"Longheh Ganoderma is very helpful in maintaining my concentration for extended periods of time. Regardless of the other health benefits, and there are many, I take it because it goes hand in hand with Software Development. Better than coffee and no jitters."

Folsom, USA

Acne and insomnia

"I was suffering from acne and insomnia since 3 years ago. I tried various treatments such as fish oil, royal jelly, aloe vera, chinese herbs.... many more than i can remember. The results are usually temporary or placebo effect.

I stumbled upon Longheh Lingzhi while researching for "magicial cure" that can simultaneously solve my acne and sleep problems. As usual, I was skeptical of products advertised online. But since I have studied quality management in school, I recognized the quality system being implemented by Longheh company - IS0 9001 and 9002 in which the company has to comply with rigorous quality processes and requirements.

Furthermore, I requested evidences (lab report) regarding Longheh Lingzi from James Pang and indeed it conforms to the specifications being stated.

However, I believe that my only reservation about this product would be resolved if the information regarding the amount of Polysaccharides and spore powder were given. In view of such effective quality system, I truly think that with the contents (mg or %) stated would bring about a huge boost of confidence to customers like myself.

I started to feel improvement only after months later for which I believe it takes time for the body to adjust itself in terms of detoxification and regulation. This is what I understand as "true healing". Immediate improvements are usually temporary and this can be usually be seen with usage of pain killer which only "blocks the problem" but do not prevent and cure it.

My acne is better in terms of redness which was a major issue. Less pimples. Less oily and depressing.  However, I believe that it takes more time before my complexion fully recovers. However, compared to the past, I have much more confidence in meeting new friends.

As for my sleep, I am now able to sleep longer periods of time which measures up to an average of 5-6 hours a day.  In the past, I was only able to enjoy around an average 2-4 hrs of sleep per day.

I can say that the progress is significant if you compare the results between a few months later with the first day of intake. My intial dosage was 6 capsules per day. Now i am only using 2 capsules per day with an extra dose of green tea extract. It took me 4 to 5 months to see significant results since the results at the start usually fluctuate. However, if you persevere, the results are rewarding at the end of the day.

Now I feel much more refreshed in the day and my complexion improves especially after I combined usage with green tea extracts."

Samuel Lee

Anti-inflammatory and immune system

"As highly recommended by our doctor we take Ganoderma for the anti-inflammatory effects and to boost our immune system, just to name two of the several reasons we are on it. The results are exceptional. 

With great success we are giving it daily, as advised by our vet, to our dog to help him with his arthritis and for his joint pain. We switched to Longheh Ganoderma from another brand because it is a far better product at a better price. Last but not least, the service provided by James Pang is second to none"

H. H.
Florida, USA

Isn't it time for you to improve your health with Ganoderma? Soon, you will be delighted to share your recovery story with me. Here are the details for Longheh Ganoderma and its ordering information.

Longheh GanodermaLongheh Ganoderma

  • 100% log wood Ganoderma Lucidum extract
  • with cracked spore powder
  • 16 to 1 concentration
  • 100% vegetarian capsule
  • 430mg each capsule
  • 60 capsules per box
    (10 capsules x 6 blister packs)
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