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Mr. Fumimaru Mayuzumi founded the Nikkei Company in 1976. He has seen the company through the years as it blossomed to its current status. They specialized in Reishi cultivation and later introduced Mikei Reishi.

The Mayuzumi family prides itself in the experience gathered over the years in cultivating Reishi. This is coupled with their state of the art ancient Japanese extraction method that has been perfected over the years.

They are definitely one of the major player in the cultivation of the Red Reishi.

Reishi is the Japanese name for Ganoderma mushroom. It has always been considered a herb sent by God due to the numerous health benefits it has. The best and most common type is the Red Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum). It is cultivated under very controlled conditions to ensure high quality growth.

Mikei Reishi has developed a wide range of health products from the Reishi. These products have been approved by the Japan Health Food and Nutrition Food Association. Other independent laboratory tests have also given a nod to these products. The main products are the Mikei Red Reishi Essence capsules and the Mikei Red Reishi slices.

The essence capsule has two different packaging. There is the traditional one with red and golden packaging, and a new black and golden packaging. The latter is only available in the Canadian market.

Mikei Reishi Essence capsule is made of very fine Reishi powder that is readily absorbed by the human body. The method of extraction for this powder is the hot water method. In this method, the best harvested Reishi is dried under extreme temperatures to remove all moisture. When completely dry, it is ground to very fine powder. This powder is then boiled in water to get the Reishi juice.

The juice is boiled 3 times or more. It is then vacuum-dried to get a very fine powder. At this state, our body can readily absorb it. For easier consumption, it is packaged in a capsule. This capsule should be kept in a very dry place since it easily absorbs moisture from its surrounding. In case it absorbs moisture, it may turn dark and become hard. However, one needs not worry since it is still safe for consumption and just as effective.

On the other hand, Mikei Reishi slices are consumed differently. The dried Reishi slices are usually added to beverages such as coffee and tea. When preparing a cup of coffee or tea, you may add the Reishi slices.

The amount one need depends entirely on the reason for using the Mikei Reishi products. Taking it for preventive reason and curative reason requires different dosage. Mikei Reishi can certainly help to improve one's health and hence live a more fulfilled life without worrying about ailments.

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