How Ganoderma improves your health with 4 TCM principles


How Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM uses natural healing herbs to cure diseases? What are the healing principles behind it? And how Ganoderma Lucidum herb functions according to these healing principles?

Using natural healing herbs to cure and uproot the cause of chronic disease is no easy task. Conventional medication often find ways to suppress the symptoms of disease. That's why doctor prescribes medicine such as pain killer, antibiotics and even steroids.

However, Traditional Chinese Medicine often looks to the actual cause of illness for a balanced and effective treatment. Four most important healing principles using natural healing herbs are:


1) Strengthen immune system

Why strengthening immune system is so important? Consider this...

  • Hepatitis virus causes liver hardening and eventually liver cancer
  • Helicobacter pylori virus causes stomach ulcer and eventually stomach cancer
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) causes woman cervical cancer
  • Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) causes nasal cancer

You and I are mostly likely to get one of those viruses mentioned above in our life time. But we still don't get any of those diseases. Why?

Because your immune system had completely wiped out those invaders before they damage your body. Actually, it works every second to protect you from infection by germs and viruses, even when you're asleep.

Lowering of immunity causes all kind of diseases including cancer. So stengthening immune system is the first important healing requirement.

Ganoderma herb can effectively strengthen and regulate your immunity with its Organic Germanium, Polysaccharides and Triterpenes.

However, most health care supplements only focus on improving immune system. By focusing solely on this aspect, can we heal patient with stroke or high blood pressure?

Of course not! It's useless to strengthen their immune system. Their problems are caused by blood circulation blockage. That's why we need the next healing principle...


2) Remove circulatory blockage

Imagine while you're driving home, a tree fell down and blocks the road in front. 3 lanes become 1 lane. Massive traffic jam occurs as cars queue up to go through the small lane. And it's your only way home.

You've bought foods home for dinner. So your family waits for you in hunger. Everyone is complaining and upset about the slow traffic.

The next day when you drive to work, the tree is still there! Traffic jam again! This time, you're late for work. Lots of work waiting for you in the office. And your boss is certainly upset.

This is what happen in your body when you have circulation blockage. Your blood cannot transport oxygen and nutrients to organ. The cells are crying in hunger and they die one by one. Toxics cannot be transfered out. And your body cells may die of toxic suffocation.

The accumulation of cholesterol, fats and blood clots slowly narrow down blood vessels and eventually block it completely. This is the condition of high blood pressure, stroke and heart vessels blockage.

In this case, you must remove the circulatory blockage for smoother circulation, stronger organ and better detoxification.

Ganoderma herbs are very potent in improving blood circulation and remove circulatory blockage with its Triterpenes and Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP).

Besides this, some diseases are still incurable with the above two healing principles. Therefore, we need a third one...


3) Enhance body energy

Take a patient with weak heart for example. By improving her immune system and removing her circulatory blockage, can we strengthen her heart?

Not really. That's why we need natural healing herbs to enhance her energy and let her organs function normally.

Ganoderma Lucidum herb also effectively improve your body energy and enhance your organ function, especially the lung and liver. Other than this, one more important healing principle is to...


4) Neutralize and Remove Toxic

We get sick because of toxics accumulation in the body. Look at patient with skin disease.

If we strengthen her immune system, remove her circulatory blockage and enhance her body energy, can we heal her?

Again, not really. We need to neutralize her accumulated toxics and remove it out from her body. Only then she can see significant improvement.

You must get rid of body toxics before actually healing your illness. Without neutralizing and removing body toxics, most diseases are hard to cure.

Ganoderma Lucidum herb plays an important role in neutralizing and removing body toxics such as heavy metals. As natural healing herb, this fungus is particularly effective because of its rich content of minerals especially Organic Germanium and strong natural antioxidant, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).


Ganoderma the heavenly herb

Not many herb has all these healing functions covered. Some can only improve immune system. Some is only good for blood circulation. But Ganoderma Lucidum herb effectively covers all these four healing principles.

No wonder ancient Chinese calls Ganoderma the heavenly herb.

Most patients benefit from Ganoderma Lucidum because it is the basic herb for many health problems. However for some sicknesses, this herb alone is not effective enough. Depending on each individual condition, other natural healing herbs are prescribed together for faster recovery.

One advantage of Ganoderma Lucidum is that you can consume it for long term without any side effects. As an adaptogenic herb, it seeks to maintain your body balance while improving body constitution.


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