Organic Germanium - The magical substance in Ganoderma Lucidum


Excerpt from China Daily News - 2nd March 1987

Mention of Ganoderma, we will think of Organic Germanium, the magical substance with the ability to fight cancer.

According to a research, the amount of this substance in Ganoderma Lucidum has direct connection with its effectiveness in fighting cancer.

Professor Chiang Hong Zhe of Sze-Fan University used artificial Germanium to increase its amount in Ganoderma. This development is useful to future research on this medicinal herb and the prevention of cancer.

According to Professor Chiang, instead of using wood or paddy dredge, wheat is a better choice to cultivate Ganoderma Lucidum because it will increase the quantity of Germanium in it.

The quality of Ganoderma is based on the quantity of Germanium and not whether it's wild or cultivated. Prof Chiang discovered the quality of Ganoderma is affected by the type and quality of the soil, the log that it lives on, and the climate of the production site.

The Germanium in Ganoderma Lucidum is likewise, closely related to the soil, log and climate in the environment. As such, artificial Ganoderma cultivation and constituents used in the cultivation will determine the contents of this beneficial substance.

So, regardless of whether the cultivation process is done artificially or natural, the low content of Organic Germanium will result in poor medicinal quality. So, research attempting to increase its level will help enhance its medicinal potency.

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