How significant is Organic Germanium in Ganoderma?


What makes Ganoderma so precious with its medicinal values? Yes, it contains Organic Germanium (GE-132) at a high concentration. This rare mineral gives Ganoderma some of its important healing properties.

A German chemist found this mineral appearing in small quantities in food, coal deposits and Earth crust. He then called it Germanium.

In pure metallic form, electronic industry uses Germanium extensively because of its semiconductor property. Biologically, it can stimulate electrical impulses on cellular level and become an Oxygen catalyst.

In human body, Organic Germanium can:

  • Strengthen immune system
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Boost up body energy
  • Discard toxins especially heavy metals such as mercury and lead

Besides Polysaccharides, Organic Germanium is the vital element for Ganoderma Lucidum ability to fight cancer cells.

It increases the ability of red blood cell to transport oxygen up to 1.5 times and even 2 times. Increased oxygen supply can nourish body cells and control cancer cells.

Quoting Betty Kamen, Ph.D. in her book "Germanium - A New Approach to Immunity"...


Organic Germanium as an Adaptogen

When a chemotherapeutic agent is added directly to cancer cells in a test tube, the cells are destroyed. When organic germanium is added to cancer cells in the same manner, the cells exhibit no change - germanium appears to be relatively ineffective.

However, it indirectly stimulates anti-cancer defenses.

Although it doesn't cure, it appears to enhance your body's metabolic ability to do so. In the case of cancer, it doesn't kill the cells. But it stimulates your immune defenses to produce those substances which will in turn help to destroy the antagonist.

Among its functions is its ability to boost the production and efficiency of natural killer (NK) cells.

Substances which help to normalize body functions indirectly are known as adaptogens. An adaptogen is classified as nontoxic and having nonspecific effect, enhancing your ability to cope with any stress (physical, emotional or chemical) as needed.

This adaptogen has been reported to normalize body acid/alkaline values, glucose curves, cholesterol levels and blood pressure rates.


Where you can find Germanium?

Have you heard before garlic has many beneficial health effects on human? Other health promoter supplement includes aloe, comfrey, chlorella, watercress and ginseng. But do you know the similarity between those ancient remedies?

Yes, all those supplements contain germanium! However, its amount varies between one herb to another as follows...

Shelf fungus

Parts per million (ppm)
800 - 2000
250 - 320

Shelf fungus refers to a variety of Ganoderma mushroom. As you can see, Organic Germanium content in Ganoderma is the higest, varying from 800 to 2000 ppm. This mainly depends on the cultivation method.

To benefit from natural Organic Germanium, the best approach is to take Ganoderma Lucidum extract supplement with highest concentration of this mineral. This herb also contains other beneficial components such as Superoxide dismutase (SOD),  Polysaccharides and Triterpenes.

Learn more about other Ganoderma component - Superoxide dismutase


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