Shuanghor Lingzhi


The Shuang Hor Group specializes in producing Shuanghor Lingzhi products since 1987. Based in Taiwan, they are one of the earliest pioneer for Lingzhi products. Shuanghor name is derived from direct pronunciation of their Chinese name which means Double (Shuang) Crane (Hor).

Since its operation, Shuanghor has received numerous international awards and government certifications. This includes health food certification by the China Government, certification by Japan Health Food Authorization (JHFA) and import permit by the Ministry of Health in Malaysia.

When it comes to Lingzhi, they make considerable effort in research and development, public awareness and service.

Besides their products being widely accepted throughout many countries, Shuanghor is one of the few Lingzhi producing company to posses the following:

  • Lingzhi farm
  • Manufacturing plant
  • International sales channel
During the ancient days in China, only the imperial family was allowed to use Lingzhi as tonic medicine. But now in the modern era, Shuang Hor Group utilizes high tech equipment to make Lingzhi herb available for people of all backgrounds to enjoy. Shuanghor Lingzhi is cultivated in Paiho Town of Tainan, in southern Taiwan. Their farm uses the usual vacuum packing Lingzhi cultivation method.

Lingzhi products

Most Lingzhi extract in the market are only available in capsule form. However, Shuanghor introduced Lingzhi extract in capsule and also granule form packed in tinfoil. The capsule is more convenient to consume. Just swallow it with some water. Those who doesn't like Lingzhi bitter taste will prefer capsule form.

The new granule form is more suitable for those who doesn't like swallowing capsule. Those who need to take Lingzhi in larger quantity will find the granule form more convenient.

Some of Shuanghor Lingzhi products include:
  • Royal Lingzhi
  • Superfine Lingzhi
  • Supreme Lingzhi
  • Shuanghor Lingzhi
  • Healthy Lingzhi Complex
  • Supreme Lingzhi Calcium Tablets
  • Supreme Lingzhi Probiotics
  • Supreme Lingzhi Nutritional Supplementary Tablet for Eyes
  • Supreme Lingzhi Troche
Shunghor Lingzhi products are also available in twin pack combination as well for better saving. Besides Lingzhi extract, Shuanghor also produces Lingzhi as a drink. They offer the CEO Lingzhi Coffee (with and without sugar) and Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea. When it comes to Lingzhi herb, Shuanghor has a variety of products that suit your needs.

More than 20 years of history and various international certifications should prove something about the credibility of Shuanghor products. However, one of the shortcoming of Shuanghor is that vacuum packing cultivation method is still used until now.

This Lingzhi cultivation method is no doubt more economical in term of time, space and labor. However, it falls behind log wood cultivation in terms of Lingzhi effectiveness. Log wood cultivation is more expensive. But the produced Lingzhi is 4 to 6 times more effective. This is especially critical for illness such as cancer.

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